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You may believe that Zanzibar has beaches like the loveliest, most unspoilt Polynesian island.

You may think that Zanzibar’s architecture is as intriguing as Dubrovnik’s.

You may read that Zanzibar has a mercantile history like Venice or Palermo. You may hear that its hospitality is as warm as the Fiji Islands.

But, you’ll find that Zanzibar is, in fact, like nowhere else on Earth.

 Once East Africa’s opulent, Arab trading capital, this stunningly beautiful island, fringed by glorious beaches, lapped by the warm Indian Ocean and scented by exotic oriental spices is simply unique.


Here you’ll experience Zanzibari hospitality and taste the blend of Arabia, India and Africa that is Zanzibari cuisine. You’ll buy AND wear a colourful Zanzibari Khanga, and laze in the shade of a palm tree on an enormous, empty, Zanzibari beach. You’ll be enticed into Stone Town’s maze of  alleyways dotted by Zanzibari palaces protected by brass-studded Zanzibari doors.


You’ll be amazed by the dignified Zanzibari kindness and courtesy that you’ll be confronted with everywhere.

A colourful fusion of races, traditions, cultures, cuisines, religions and customs. An exciting historical mix of mercantile trade, piracy, slaving, smuggling, power, riches and revolutions.

A wonderful blend of intriguing architecture, glorious beaches, warm blue sea and coral reefs. Find out for yourself on a delightful holiday to Sinbad’s Zanzibar, one of the world’s truly exotic and enchanted islands.

Stay...in a sensational and relaxed location with all the best of authentic Zanzibari hospitality, cuisine and comfort. amazing palm-fringed beaches, evocative historical sights, delightful villages, wonderful lush scenery.

Shop... for colourful Khangas, dusty antiques beautiful woodwork and spices, spices, spices.

See...amazing palm -fringed beaches, evocative historical sights, delighted villages, wonderful lush scenery.

And Enjoy...A fabulous holiday in one of the world’s most  exotic and hospitable destinations -Zanzibar!